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Get a fuller, thicker head of hair. No more hair plugs or a ugly scars.

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At Abrams Hair, we have the most advanced Science & Technology + Medicine to ensure you never have to loss a piece of yourself to regain your hair.

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We love hearing how happy our patients are and can't wait for you to come into our clinic and see just how easy and affordable reversing your hair loss truly is with one of our incredible Hair Regrowth Promo Packages this month! 

Jordan Kaufman

Real Patient

"I really can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Dr. Abrams and his staff. After hearing about Dr. Abrams through a friend, and a consultation, I made the trip from out of state for hair transplant surgery using the hybrid approach - the ARTAS robot for the harvesting and then transplant done by hand by Dr. Abrams and his technicians. When I arrived on the day of the procedure I immediately felt at ease. The offices were beautiful, clean and comfortable. We sat, discussed what I could expect throughout the procedure and all my questions were answered. But for some discomfort (very minor pain) from the initial lidocaine (numbing) injections, I felt essentially no pain at all on the day of the procedure. Absolutely no pain whatsoever over the next 48hrs after the procedure - tho it did feel a little warm/strange - mainly from having shaved my head for the first time since third grade! I can’t wait to see results over the coming months. Thank you Abrams Aesthetics! I could not recommend them enough."

Tien McDonald

Husband of Patient

"Outstanding Experience and Service from Dr. Abrams and his team of technicians. I must say that the entire experience was amazing from beginning to end. The staff were very competent, patient, and professional. They went above and beyond to make sure that my husband and I was comfortable and that all of our questions were addressed throughout my husbands consultation and now surgery. I called it hair plugs, do not call them hair plugs lol) while waiting for my husband to get his consultation, I got myself a facial too. It's that time of the year... Why not?! Haha They provided excellent services and would highly recommend them to my friends and family. Waiting on results for my husband, will keep you posted!"

Erik Trejo

I'm thrilled to share my heartfelt experience with Abrams Aesthetics & Hair Restoration. Under the care of Dr. Abram and his incredible team, I recently underwent a Beard Transplant using the FUE technique. From the beginning, Dr. Abrams’ dedication stood out – he even made time on a Saturday, their day off, to consult with my dad, brother, and me as we were all interested in the procedure. Dr. Abram provided us with thorough information, making our decision easy. On the day of the surgery, the team's punctuality and efficiency were impressive. They quickly got to work after discussing my preferences for the beard style. Their attention to detail and efforts to ensure my comfort in the surgery room were remarkable. During the procedure, any slight discomfort caused by the anesthesia was minimal compared to the overall safety and comfort I felt. Now, post-surgery, I am delighted with the experience and eagerly await the final results. Huge thanks to the entire Abrams Aesthetics Team for their exceptional care and skillful work!

Christopher DePalo

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Dr. Abrams and his amazing staff for my recent hair restoration procedure. His office is gorgeous and welcoming. Dr. Abrams is an amazing surgeon and uses the latest techniques and technologies to meet your needs. In my case it was the ARTAS robotic system for hair restoration, and I can't wait for the final results. I have had minimal pain and swelling since the procedure. Overall, the quality is top-notch, and to this point has exceeded my expectations in every way. I would highly recommend Abrams Aesthetics & Hair Restoration to anyone considering hair or facial rejuvenation.

Emma Faulk

Dr. Abrams is Outstanding! Hair transplant was accomplished 99% pain free! Great experience and the staff was gentle and caring- very attentive to my case. I highly recommend Dr. Abrams and his staff for hair transplant.

Josh Clark

I just had my hair transplantation surgery done by Dr. Jack Abrams using the new ARTAS Robotics system, and I am so pleased with my entire experience. Dr. Abrams and his team were great throughout the entire process; explained everything in great detail and answered all my questions. The pain experienced was very minimal, and if, at any time during the procedure, the pain was bad, Dr. Abrams stopped and gave me more numbing injections, which took it all away. On my first day post-op, I did well and was in no pain at all. There is slight swelling on my forehead, but that is to be expected and is not a problem. I am so happy with my results and look forward to watching how my hair grows over the next 6-12 months. The results from this will greatly boost my self-confidence. If anyone reading this is unsure about getting a hair transplant, seek a consultation with Dr. Abrams, and you WILL NOT be disappointed. I started losing my hair at age 26, and surgery was done at age 33, so do not wait as long as I did and go get it done ASAP!

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The Most Advanced Surgical And Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Solutions in Las Vegas. 

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FDA Cleared Robotic FUE Hair Transplant

The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant is the only FDA-cleared robotic hair transplant procedure that allows men to wear short hair. FUT and other hair implantation and hair replacement techniques leave scars or bald patches on the back of your head permanently limiting your hairstyle options.

FDA Cleared ARTAS® Robotic FUE Hair Transplant

The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant is the only FDA-cleared robotic hair transplant procedure that allows men to wear short hair.

NeoGraft™ Hair Restoration

NeoGraft is one of the newest and most advanced Trusted Source hair transplantation techniques. It’s a semi-automated version of the FUE technique that uses technology owned by Venus Treatments.

The Advantages of The ARTAS iX™ System

Other hair restoration systems — particularly manually operated systems — fall short in many ways. Because these technologies are not as advanced, they do not provide the doctor with sufficient guidance over individual hairs, leaving the job largely to the physician’s hand-eye coordination. In contrast, the ARTAS Procedure gives the doctor significantly greater control over the selection, harvesting, and transplantation of the new hair follicles.

Furthermore, because the ARTAS System is specifically used in follicle unit excision (FUE) transplants (a minimally invasive form of hair restoration), patients undergoing ARTAS Procedures are not left with linear scars, and they experience shorter recovery times.

ARTAS iX™ Hair Transplant Results

About Doctor

At Abrams Aesthetics & Hair Restoration, Dr. Abrams has gathered the most advanced hair restoration technology to provide the first and only Artas Robotic hair transplant center and Neograft system in the state of Nevada. With advanced robotic technology, we provide our clients with the most gentle, viable, and natural hair transplant surgery without using blades or sutures. With the advent of robotic surgery, hair follicular grafts are transplanted one at a time, in the most accurate and consistent technique using artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Abrams, a double board-certified surgeon, is recognized for successfully introducing the most advanced ophthalmic laser technologies to the state of Nevada for the last two decades. Dr. Abrams has received Certificates of Recognition from Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Senatorial Recognition from Senators Dean Heller and Harry Reid for his services as a surgeon.

Call for Special Promotion, FUE special pricing is subject to a minimum of 2500 GRAFTS. Restrictions Apply. Additional charges may apply.  

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